Akuo, an independent global producer of electricity from Renewable Energy Sources, joins forces with Spyropoulos SA, a technical-commercial company with a leading position in the Greek market, for the establishment of GEARS SA. (Green Energy Aggregator Services), a new Cumulative RES Representation Body in Greece.

According to a relevant announcement, the participation of Renewable Energy Sources in the energy markets through Cumulative Representation Agencies is considered more important than ever, as their penetration in the energy mix is ​​drastically increased as a result of the European Green Deal. In addition, RES are considered as the long-term “solution” to the high energy costs and energy security that is manifesting today throughout the European Union.

A new FOSE represents Renewable Energy Producers on the Greek Energy Exchange

GEARS provides a complete representation solution in the Greek market for RES producers. With detailed production forecasts and providing access to the spot market, GEARS benefits from the strong know-how in Akuo’s wholesale market activities and leverages the latest developments in real-time data analysis and new forecasting algorithms to provide value to RES producers. . In addition, GEARS offers monitoring, maintenance and repair services for RES Stations, with the aim of optimizing their performance.

Signing of the first Contracts

GEARS has signed its first contracts and will represent on the Greek Energy Exchange more than 55MW of Photovoltaic Stations located throughout Greece. At the same time, new RES Stations are planned to be integrated in the GEARS representative portfolio during the first quarter of 2022.

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