On Friday 05.11.2021 the inauguration of the first green island GR-eco island in Chalki took place successfully, with the honorary presence of the Prime Minister Mr. Kyriakos Mitsotakis. SPYROPOULOS SA broke all records in terms of time allowed for licensing and construction of the project. As Chalki is a remote island, the transport of construction materials and machinery in combination with the rocky terrain made it difficult to implement.

Message from the President: “I would like to thank all the bodies that were involved in the licensing process of the project. The donors – sponsors – PPC, AKUO GREECE, OMEXOM VINCI – who collaborated with us, from the first moment supported our work and helped us overcome any obstacle we encountered. At this point we can not ignore the valuable help offered by the Mayor of Chalki Mr. Fraggakis Evangelos and the Deputy Mayor Mr. Fraggakis Vasilios. The praises we received from all the institutions of Greece and abroad and from the Prime Minister of our country are very joyful and this recognition is the commitment of SPYROPOULOS SA, both for the present and for the future, to achieve even more corresponding innovative projects. Finally, I have to thank the whole team of SPYROPOULOS SA who cooperated diligently and effectively”.