Energy Mastering Awards 2019

Energy Mastering Awards SILVER

For the third year, the Energy Mastering Awards 2019 successfully highlighted the best energy management practices.

More than 260 executives from 65+ top companies were present at the 2019 Energy Mastering Awards, held in a festive atmosphere on Thursday, December 12, 2019 at Radisson Blu Park Hotel. Attendees had the opportunity to watch the practices and projects that were awarded, distinguished for the principles of sustainability, energy efficiency and energy savings. The competition and Awards Ceremony were organized by Boussias Communications.

SPYROPOULOS SA received the SILVER Award in the category Energy Efficiency Management / Renewable Energy Implementation for the "Constuction of Net Metering Photovoltaic System for METALLOPLASTIKI AVEE".

The award for SPYROPOULOS SA was received by Mr. Galanis Dionysios Project Specialist & Senior Support Engineer.

SPYROPOULOS SA as a manufacturing company and METALLOPLASTIKI AGRINIOU AVEE as an investor collaborated on the installation of a 500kW photovoltaic power system, by the method of net metering, on the factory roof. The project was commissioned in May 2019 and, according to the four-month system's production data, accounts for 39% of the plant's energy consumption. Economically, savings reached 33%, while operating the system in a four-month period prevented the release of 271,761 tonnes of carbon dioxide. The two companies intend to continue working together to achieve positive results by installing other photovoltaic plants.

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Facilities Management Awards 2017

awards 2017

The Facilities Management Awards 2017 ceremony was held for the third time in Greece, on Tuesday 10 October, in a particularly festive atmosphere.

For SPYROPOULOS SA the distinction was double because it succeeded in winning the SILVER award in the category of OPERATION for Facilities Maintenance but also the BRONZE award in the category of PREMISES for Transportation Infrastructure.

The award in the OPERATION category (Facilities Maintenance), was received by Mrs. Tassiou Ioanna, Technical Director of SPYROPOULOS SA. This award was for the successful operation and maintenance of photovoltaic stations undertaken on behalf of INTRACOM TELECOM.

facility 2

More specifically SPYROPOULOS SA has undertaken the following:

• Recording of the equipment
• Washing of photovoltaic panels with deionized water

The company has special equipment for the washing of photovoltaic stations. Water is demineralized using resins and chemicals for the proper management of water and the reduction of its consumption, whereby the whole quantity of water is converted to deionized as opposed to the reverse osmosis method whereby 50% - 60% of water is discarded.

• Grassing and pruning of plants that cause problems (shades, etc.)
• Spraying for wild vegetation
• Anti-rodent chemical protection
• Maintenance - control of the surrounding area (including cleanliness, maintenance of accessibility, fence and entrance checking etc.)
• Daily monitoring of the operation and performance of the station
• Measurements and evaluation of electrical magnitudes
• Keeping history of performance and interventions in the station
• Regular maintenance of the park in its electromechanical parts
• Interventional maintenance in the event of a breakdown within 24 hours
• Installation improvements

SPYROPOULOS SA also provides the following guarantees:

• Availability Guaranty equal to 98% of the total installed power
• Performance Ratio 85%
• Guarantee of services with works certified by the independent certification organization TUVHELLAS, which gives surplus value to the station

Photovoltaic plants show an increase in efficiency after operation and maintenance works by SPYROPOULOS SA

SPYROPOULOS SA in the field of renewable energy, has constructed photovoltaic power plants of a total capacity of 32 MW and has under maintenance projects of a total capacity of 100 MW, corresponding to 5% of the installed capacity in Greece. It manages a daily customer base of about 400 customers, 80% retail and 20% B2B, with dispersion across Greece and for a variety of services and tasks such as those described above and also: monthly and semi-annual reports, control - maintenance of telecommunication systems, security (alarms, cameras, safety devices), lighting, automation, equipment trading, equipment warranty management, insurance claims management in case of damage, communication with public bodies, registration and monitoring of the Electronic Waste Register. The company has developed a branch network with its headquarters in Kato Achaia and branches - technical bases in Thebes, Ioannina and Kalamata ( in order to serve its expanded clientele. In this way it can meet the demands of its customers directly and keeping costs low. For client and business management, an integrated CRM software is used.

The awards in the category of PREMISES (Transportation Infrastructure) was received by Mr. Tomaras Konstantinos, Assistant General Manager of SPYROPOULOS SA. This award is related to the successful operation and maintenance of the Medium Voltage Substation of Araxos State Airport.

facility 1

More specifically SPYROPOULOS SA has undertaken the following:

- General controls
- Visual inspection of main substation equipment
- Auditory control
- Visual inspection of ancillary equipment
- Testing of measuring instruments and displays
- Visual inspection of power and auxiliary cables
- Checking of operation of protection circuitry
- Control of lighting, fire safety, marking, protective means
- Recording of equipment status
- Substation grounding measurements
- Checking internal lightning protection
- Cleaning of space

• For each equipment group, specific controls and interventions are carried out, such as:

- Cleaning of equipment
- Grease
- Insulation and ventilation controls
- Controls of all electrical, electronic and mechanical systems
- Size measurements
- Temperature controls for local overheating
- Switch Functionality Tests
- Issuance of certificates and responsible statements to PPC when re-electrification of Substation is needed

In addition to preventive maintenance, inspection visits are carried out including visual and auditory checks to detect any noise, oil spillage, scintillating, oxidation, etc. During Preventive Maintenance and Inspection visit, a Maintenance Report is issued, including checks and work carried out and remarks found. The Maintenance Report is submitted to Araxos National Airport and a substation's monitoring file is also kept by the company. If it is found that additional work and materials are required for the repair or replacement of equipment, SPYROPOULOS SA shall issue a tender so that, if approved by Araxos State Airport, proceed with the procurement of the materials and the restoration work. In case of damage, SPYROPOULOS SA immediately intervenes within 24 hours from the announcement of the fault, offering 24/7 service.

For the performance of checks and interventions calibrated instruments are used. SPYROPOULOS SA is certified by all the necessary standards required to carry out these works (OHSAS 18001: 2007 for Health and Safety at Work and ISO9001: 2008 for Quality Management). In addition, it provides a twelve-month performance guarantee from the date of delivery and a twelve-month warranty for repaired and replaced materials.


Environmental Awards 2016


Double honor in Environmental Awards 2016 for SPYROPOULOS SA and

The award ceremony of Environmental Awards 2016 held for the 4th year in a particularly festive and optimistic atmosphere, on Tuesday, December 20. For SPYROPOULOS SA & its website the award was double succeeding to win the SILVER award in the category of circular economy and the BRONZE award in the category of sustainable development in conjunction with the reduction of energy consumption.

FotorCreated1The award in the category of Circular Economy was received by Mrs. Betty Economou of SPYROPOULOS SA responsible in the sector of Market Research and ISO management. The company's award concerns that under the philosophy that nothing is discarded and that profit can be made from materials that others consider useless and under its environmental responsibility, the company has created an innovative, in the sector of RES, website, www.energyclub. gr, where visitors, except that they can be informed about the latest developments in the field of renewable energy worldwide they can also search for and find any product or spares, used or new, to buy and have the opportunity to post their own ads with used parts or products for sale directly and free of charge.

In this way, both the company's customers and any visitor of the website (who is active in the field of RES) is encouraged to promote used machinery or spare parts for sale, and therefore reuse and thus reuse and this creates environmental benefits by not rejecting harmful material and also economic benefits, i.e. financial gain for the user of services which may serve as an incentive for less environmentally sensitized users. Also, machinery (e.g. inverter), which no longer work arising from the maintenance of photovoltaic parks of customers, are not discarded but are treated in an appropriate way so that their parts can be used as spares.

SPYROPOULOS SA, which is certified according to ISO 14001: 2004 for Environmental Management, recycles all materials arising from the operation of offices such as paper, ink, plastic bottles, etc., but also in the sector of construction of industrial and commercial buildings the company ensures the proper management and recycling of all derivatives of the construction site.

FotorCreated2The award in the category of sustainable development in conjunction with the reduction of energy consumption was received by Mr. Margaritis Elias, Sales Manager of SPYROPOULOS SA. The company's award concerns that it invested in reducing energy consumption during operation. With a view to reducing its environmental footprint and to reduce its operating costs invested in commercial vehicles of new non-polluting technology with fuel consumption economy as well as upgraded energy proprietary facilities at its headquarters in Kato Achaia, with led lighting, air conditioning of energy class, dry interior construction, insulating floors etc.

SPYROPOULOS SA, in order to serve its customers across Greece, has developed the only energy network, operating two branches also constructed as the headquarters in the logic of energy saving, one in Thebes and another in Ioannina, and there is provision for further expansion of the network and to other key locations in Greece ( The branch locations are selected on the basis of PV power concentration in a given region and therefore the size of the needs for maintenance of photovoltaic installations. Each SPYROPOULOS SA store is both a technical base, with a warehouse with stock materials, special equipment for maintenance of photovoltaic parks and buildings, fully equipped service van and permanent technical staff, well-trained to respond promptly and at low cost to the most demanding market challenges. As a result of the branch network, the distances to be traveled by vehicles of SPYROPOULOS SA have significantly reduced and therefore the fuel consumption with its attendant environmental benefits (reduction of gaseous emissions, limiting the participation to the depletion of natural resources). Specifically, despite the increase in maintenance clientele and the number of company vehicles, fuel expenditure was reduced by 30%, compared with the corresponding costs before the creation of the branch network.

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