SPYROPOULOS SA has been awarded in various competitions highlighting good practices and initiatives for energy management, environmental protection and sustainability and facilities management. It has been awarded for important projects that it has completed always investing in the quality of the services it provides, in meeting the expectations of its clients and partners and in its highly trained and constantly evolving human resources. These awards are for the company a confirmation of its upward course and at the same time an incentive for continuous development and excellent performance in order to be the first choice in the field of energy and facilities management.

Energy Mastering Awards 2022

SILVER award for the project Construction of a 1MW PV park, within the project GR-eco Islands – Halki green island in the category Renewable Energy Implementation.

Health & Safety Awards 2021

BRONZE award in the Covid -19 Prevention Action Plan category for the Integrated Coronavirus Plan.

2020 Facilities Management Awards

BRONZE award in the category Premises, Renewable Energy Sources for the project: Design, procurement, construction of photovoltaic stations of a total capacity of 14 MW for the “ENERGY COMMUNITY OF SERRES”.

2020 Environmental Awards

SILVER award in the category Organization and Process Innovation, Climate Change for the project: Construction of photovoltaic stations of a total capacity of 12 MW for the “ENERGY COMMUNITY OF PIERIA”.

2019 Energy Mastering Awards

SILVER Award in the category Energy Efficiency Management / Renewable Energy Implementation for the “Constuction of Net Metering Photovoltaic System for METALLOPLASTIKI AVEE”.

2017 Facilities Management Awards

SILVER award in the category of OPERATION for Facilities Maintenance and BRONZE award in the category of PREMISES for Transportation Infrastructure.

2016 Environmental Awards

SILVER award in the category of circular economy and the BRONZE award in the category of sustainable development in conjunction with the reduction of energy consumption.