Although more than 2020, but not enough to meet the Energy and Climate targets, it is the new wind – offshore and offshore – that were added to the European energy system in 2021, according to a WindEurope report.

The new wind power for 2021 has reached 17.4 GW, which is 18% more than in 2020. Of the total new power, 11 GW concerns installations made in the 27 member states of the European Union.

In terms of technology, terrestrial wind farms represent 81% of new installations over time, ie 14 GW, and offshore wind farms 3.4GW. Another interesting fact is that on an annual basis wind farms covered 15% of electricity demand in Europe 27 and the United Kingdom, producing a total of 437 TWh of electricity.

According to the latest data from WindEurope, the wind potential of the Old Continent is estimated at 236 GW and is divided into 207 GW onshore wind and 28 GW offshore wind. Europe of 27 has 189 GW installed: 173 GW on land and 16 GW offshore.

In its scenario entitled “Realistic Expectations Scenario”, the European Wind Association estimates for the period 2022-2026 that 116 GW of new wind power can be installed, with an average of 23.1 GW each year. The Europe of 27 will install 88 GW of them and accordingly 17.6 GW per year. It is noted that the European Union needs to install 32 GW in order to achieve the target for a RES share of 40%.

The “leader” of the industry is expected to continue Germany, where it is estimated that it will “measure” 25.1 GW in new wind farms within the next five years. Most of them concern offshore wind farms, ie 19.7 GW. According to WindEurope estimates, the United Kingdom follows with 15.2 GW, of which 10.8 GW offshore wind, France with 12.2 GW, Spain with 10.3 GW and Sweden with 7.5 GW.

Finally, the need to speed up legislative and regulatory initiatives to simplify the licensing process and spatial issues that have arisen for wind farms is emphasized, as otherwise the forecast for the next five years is limited to just 89 GW of new wind power. at European level, a size disproportionate to European climate and energy targets.

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