The coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has caused more disruption to the energy sector than any other event in modern history, leaving its effects felt for many years to come, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) in its new annual report.

In more detail, as stated in the summary of the report published in Greek, the specific International Energy Review of the International Energy Agency (IEA World Energy Outlook (WEO)) examines in detail the effects of the pandemic and in particular how it affects the prospects for rapid transition to clean energy . It is too early to say whether the current crisis is a setback to efforts for a safer and more sustainable energy system or a catalyst that will accelerate the pace of change. The pandemic is far from over, many uncertainties remain and important policy decisions on the energy sector have not yet been taken.

This Review explores various ways out of the coronavirus crisis (Covid-19), with particular emphasis on the crucial ten years to 2030. At this particularly important time for the energy sector and for the global emergency response to climate change. change, WEO-2020 presents the historical nature of the choices, opportunities and risks that will determine where we are heading from here on out.

You can read the full WEO review here.