The energy sector is expected to be a major pole of investment in the wider region of Southeastern Europe, according to the conclusions of the South East Europe Energy Outlook 2021 report prepared by the South East European Energy Institute. In total, investments amounting to 468.643 billion euros are expected to be implemented in the region during the period 2021 – 2030.

More specifically, according to the analysis of IENE, there is a significant increase in investment expectations of more than 40% compared to the last analysis conducted in 2017 and forecasting investments of 272 billion euros in the period in question.

According to the report, the investment prospects in the energy sector of SE Europe in the next decade can be characterized as positive.

In terms of planned investments, five countries (Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Greece) appear to be moving much faster than the rest, attracting the necessary investments in a variety of energy projects.

In Greece, estimated investments in the energy sector are expected to reach 44.4 billion euros in the decade in question.

The region as a whole is showing attractive investment opportunities in almost all energy sectors. Specifically by sector, the projected investments that are estimated to be implemented in the next decade in the countries of Southeastern Europe are:

Investments in the oil sector amounted to 63 billion euros compared to 38.79 billion euros in the 2017 report.

In the gas sector investments of 25.15 billion euros compared to 16.55 billion euros in the previous report

Investments of 150.15 billion euros are expected in electricity in conventional electricity generation and upgrading of transmission and distribution networks, while another 109.9 billion euros are planned to be invested in Renewable Energy Sources (small hydroelectric, wind, photovoltaic, solar, solar). geothermal)

Investments of 88.7 billion euros are envisaged in energy efficiency

Investments of 23,303 billion euros are expected in natural gas infrastructure

Investments in electricity interconnections are expected to reach 8.44 billion euros

While cross-border energy projects will reach 31.743 billion euros.

Finally, according to the study South East Energy Outlook 2021, energy demand by 2040 is expected to move upwards in the countries of the Western Balkans and Turkey, while in the countries of the region that belong to the EU. is expected to remain stable.

However, there are significant differences in the demand for individual fuels, as a significant reduction (not disappearance) of solid fuels is expected, natural gas shows a downward trend, not too great, while oil also records a significant decrease.

Conversely, the demand for energy from Renewable Energy Sources shows a significant increase.