fimer 1The Italian FIMER assigned the technical services of its solar inverters to SPYROPOULOS SA. The Italian FIMER is a manufacturer of solar inverters with worldwide sales. In Greece the Italian FIMER has supplied solar inverters to P/V parks of total capacity 50 MW.

Through an evaluation process, the Italian FIMER decided to trust the KNOW HOW of the maintenance of solar inverters to the unique energy technical branch network in Greece, to SPYROPOULOS SA.

From now, all the P/V park owners who have installed solar inverters of FIMER may be served by the SPYROPOULOS SA branches on issues of regular and corrective maintenance and factory warranty management


WES040322 logo 600 dpiThe Dutch company WES assigned the marketing and installation services and the service of its wind turbines to SPYROPOULOS SA. The Dutch company WES is a manufacturer of small wind turbines with global sales.

The activation of the program for the installation and operation of small wind turbines and the implementation of the investments depends entirely on the issuing of the provided by the Article 4 of Law 4203/2013 related Ministerial Decision.
The investment on small wind turbines 50 KW provides:
1) a sustainable investment
2) financial support of frontier, border and mountain areas
3) job and income creation mainly in remote and mountainous rural areas
4) energy efficiency of the country
5) environmental protection



abb-ltd-logoAfter the evaluation process ABB decided to work with the technical branch network of SPYROPOULOS SA and to instruct the services of specialized technical partner (Service Partner) in Solar Inverters sector (photovoltaic inverters).




kostalKOSTAL Solar Electric Hellas has decided to cooperate with Spyropoulos SA technical branch network and to assign it the Service of solar inverters as a Specialized Technical Partner.

KOSTAL Group has 31 locations in 17 countries, across four continents and employs about 18,000 people worldwide. The company was founded in 1912 by Leopold Kostal in Ludenscheid, Germany. In 1995, his grandson Helmut Kostal divided the company into four independent departments: Automobile Electrical, Industrial Electronics, Connectors and Test Technology.

KOSTAL Solar Electric is the company that has been marketing PIKO inverters worldwide since 2006. Subsidiaries have been established in Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey.


Logo SMA.svgWe are pleased to announce the possibility of certified maintenance of the central inverters of SMA by SPYROPOULOS SA. Our engineers received specialized training at the SMA headquarters in Kassel, Germany.

Spyropoulos SA's engineers can now perform the following actions on behalf of their customers:
• Start and stop and sunny central inverter
• Safety measures and safety measurement
• Replacement of components as stated in the contract
• Maintenance


satcon logoWe are pleased to announce the possibility of certified maintenance of the central inverters of SATCON by SPYROPOULOS SA.

The engineers of our company received specialized training by the Czech company PHOTON ENERGY specializing in SATCON inverters.
Spyropoulos SA's engineers can now undertake the following activities on behalf of their customers:
• Inverter operation and control,
• Safety consideration while working on inverter, Identification of major components & their functions,
• Viewing error message and Changing inverter control parameter using HMI,
• Troubleshooting & Preventive Maintenance Procedures.


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