Autonomous PV systems

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Autonomous PV Systems are called the one’s which produce electrical energy from the sun and store it in accumulators, without being necessarily connected with DEH net.

They can also by hybrid in case they cooperate with other sources of energy such as a small hydroelectric station, an air turbine or even a generator.

The simplest autonomous photovoltaic system consists of the photovoltaic panels and a controller.

The most usual pv system also includes a line of batteries furthermore, if the power grid is for alternating current, an inverter is required , which will change direct current into alternating current.

As long as there is sunshine, the controller charges the batteries via the photovoltaic panels. The batteries give the required energy to the user through the inverter.

Where there is no sun, the user gets the energy from the batteries alone up to a point, so that they are not discharged.

Generally, the most high energy consuming appliances (cooker, heater etc) must not run on electricity because an autonomous pv system capable to sustain such appliances is indivisible. You can also use gas for cooking, change the light bulbs with economy or Led bulbs and replace the old refrigerator with a new energy class A+.

*Autonomous pv systems make excellent choice for cottages, caravans, boats and houses that can not be connected with the power grid of the public company of electricity (DEH)

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