Heat from Solar


The solar fan heater is a photovoltaic system for heating and dehumidification of spaces with hot air.

Solar fan heaters take advantage of the energy of the sun offering no cost heating with warm fresh air, contributing to the improvement of the atmosphere inside your building at the same time.

The air circulates from the room into the device after it’s filtered to be cleaned from any particles. If we need fresh air we open the fresh air supply at any level we wish while the heating is on.



  • It offers you warm, fresh air.
  • It creates a pleasant , healthy atmosphere in your space
  • Air, heats and takes cane of your house even when you’re away.
  • It reduces significally  the annual cost for heating
  • It ensures autonomy with extremely low cost of maintenance and operation
  • It is suitable for closed puplic spaces (schools, offices etc.)


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