Connected Photovolatic Plants


At  Spyropoulos Nik. Alexios we offer  your advise as to the selection of a suitable location for the  installation of the PV Park. We conduct the necessary research about the economical and technical feasibility of the project. We prepare and handle the necessary documents required by the public authorities which include the preparation and approval of the various studies such as: Preliminary and final study of environment  impact, Operation Technical study, Production, Operation and installation license.

Our company’s personnel has extensive experience in the licensing procedure for PV stations of different nominal power. Finally we design and set the PV installation.

We also offer our knowledge and experience in funding your plant in cooperation with the National Bank of Greece.



Study and Implementation

  1. Detailed study of the area and the parameters that may affect  the performance of the PV System such as orientation , shading etc.
  2. Designing the system so as to obtain the utmost performance and the best operation.
  3. Offer based on the needs and special characteristics of each plant.
  4. Analytical report (cost – profit) of return on investment.
  5. Supply of the best quality materials and the equipment
  6. Installation by our highly experienced technicians
  7. Completion of the project on schedule
  8. We offer  the first year’s insurance for free



Connected to the low and medium voltage  grid of DEH. We can provide stable bases with piles fixed into the ground or into concrete or solutions for construction of trackers one or double axis.

We use photovoltaic panels of ALEO and SOLARWORLD (companies we represent). The equipment warranty is for 10 years, and we guarantee  that the station will produce 92% of it’s original performance for the first 12 years and for 25 years 80% of it’s original production.

We use the SMA and CONERGY inverters which can be tele supervised at any time as we also provide extensive CCTV systems for the security of the Parks.

We also tale care of your PV System maintenance which includes electrical and mechanical equipment control as well as the cleaning of the site.

The contract of maintenance is paid monthly (or annually)

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