Operations and maintenance of pv stations

Maintenance is a necessary requirement to ensure the continuous and safe operation of your park.

It regular maintenance twice a year is recommended by all manufacturers of the used materials and equipment for the smooth operation of the station.

Furthermore, regular maintenance and the existence of a maintenance contract by a certified company is obligatory according to the insurance companies , or else they don’t compensate their customers in case on malfunction.

Photovoltaic stations are investments with a 20 years lifespan. Their facilities are constantly exposed to weather conditions resulting to long-lasting strain of the electromechanical  equipment.


10+1 reasons to maintain your pv station

1.Instant diagnosis tracking down of the malfunction and rapid reparation.

2.Minimize the loss of profit by not allowing the station to be out of order    

3.Lessen the possibility of technical problems of the equipment thus no extra charge for repairing.

4.Minimal possibilities of accidents

5.Slower deterioration procedure of the equipment

6.Mountain the terms and conditions of manufacture guarantees for replacement or repair of faulty installed equipment

7.Technical reports for banks and insurance companies  in case of compensation claim due to natural catastrophies, theft, extreme weather conditions etc.

8.Draw useful conclusions and predict how the pv system will operate through processing the background of production and maintenance reports

9.Reduction of the time the investor is occupied with the pv station.

10.Ensured proper operation of the pv station, aiming a to highest profit.


+1 In case of claim for insurance compensation any insurance company will require the following:

A)Contract maintenance
B)Maintenance invoice
C)A six month maintenance report
D)ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 of the person/ company responsible for the maintenance


If you  any of the above requirements you wont be compensated. To be noted: if you have manufactured your pv station with a mortgage loan, in any case of destruction the loan will become due shortly.

As a conclusion maintaining your pv station, ensures its smooth operation, keeps your insurance obligation so that your loan is secure and you will be compensated, if need be, by any insurance company.


List of activities

We perform two preventive maintenance calls per year an your pv station.

Electrical check of:

-Photovoltaic modules





-Grounding and lighting protection

-MV substations

-Safety and surveillance systems

 special calibrated instruments are used for all measurements

Mechanical checks:

-Lubrication of any moving parts

-Connection tightness check

-Mounting system check for wear and tear

Replacement of disposables:

-Fire – extinguishers




-Alarm batteries (ups) etc.


Cleaning of equipment and ground cleaning

Thermic imprinting of all  the equipment with a special camera to discover possible failure






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