SPYROPOULOS SA is a company that promotes and supports integrated energy solutions for residential, commercial and professional applications.
2004 - Founded and began operating in the RES sector
2007 - The company has undertaken the construction of the first photovoltaic projects in Greece
2009 - A founding member of SPEF (Energy Producers Association of Photovoltaic) and authorized partner of large international firms in P/V equipment.
2012 - The company has completed the construction of 20 MW P/V facilities and has total capacity of 10 MW under contract for the next year.
2013 - The company moved to new privately owned facilities that are well built to respond to new jobs and future needs.
2014 - The company is certified according to standard ISO14001: 2004 & OHSAS 1801: 2007. Together with the ISO 9001: 2008 certification which already had, the company operates under three certifications and decides to reshape the organizational chart. While doing market research and planning for the need's of the market for quality and economical operation and maintenance of RES, the company decides to create the technical stores of SPYROPOULOS throughout Greece.
2015 - The company establishes its second store (at Thebes) and continues its market research to expand the branch network in Greece.
2016 - The company completes its third store (Ioannina) and at the same time takes over as SERVICE CENTER for the Italian company of solar inverters FIMER and representation of the Dutch wind comapny WES in Greece. The year 2016 is an important year because the company creates which was awarded with Silver award in environmentalawards 2016. A second distinction follows for the company with the Bronze award for the development of branch network with the simultaneous reduction of energy consumption.
2017 - The company expands by opening its fourth store (in Kalamata) and at the same time it is getting certified for maintenance of the solar inverters of SMA and SATCON. In the same year the company acquires the equipment and the clientele of the company ALBION GROUP and so it has a dynamic of 6 MW / day in panel washing and 4 MW / day in grass cutting. In the year 2017, the company receives double distinction at the Facilities Management Awards for the maintenance of photovoltaic parks and the maintenance of the Araxos State Airport.
2018 - The company is launching -1- new branch in Xanthi while announcing the expansion also in Larissa, launching a promising presence in Central and Northern Greece. At the same time it becomes ABB's Authorized Service Partner by authorizing SPYROPOULOS SA to be able to perform "Authorized On Site Repair" of the company inverters as well as their accessories. At the same time, the company announces its 3-year collaboration with ENEL GREEN POWER HELLAS in the field of photovoltaic panel washing and grass management, while following the successful acquisition of ALBION GROUP in 2017 it is reinforcing its fleet with another crawler robotic machine and two mobile washing units as well as a variety of lawn mowers and trucks and the company now has a capacity of 600MW / year for washing and grass cutting.
2019 - The company proceeds with the implementation of the Larissa branch by further consolidating the technical branch network while announcing the establishment of a new branch in the form of subdirectory in Thessaloniki in 2020. The company is awarded the Silver Award at the Energy Mastering Awards for the Net-Metering 500kW project on the industrial roof of METALLOPLASTIKI AGRINIOU, while implementing 15MW of new photovoltaic parks in Northern Greece in the areas of Central, Western and Eastern Macedonia having already contracted another 25MW in the first quarter of 2020. At the same time, the company is strengthening its infrastructure by acquiring a privately owned fleet of 40 vehicles and machinery while multiplying its human resources.
Near you...
The new facilities are located 30 km. from Patras in the area of ​​Kato Achaia and housed in a new building of a total area of ​​702 sq.m.
The company has warehouses for the storage of the panels and the inverters, a workshop for assembling electrical installations and electric tables, modern reception area, offices and a spacious outdoor area that serves the parking of our customers' vehicles.
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