The offshore wind industry is expected to grow at around 15% a year on average over the next decade, according to a Commerzbank survey.

As reported by ELSTAT, the evolution of the Manufacturing Indicator, with base year 2010 = 100.0 and reference period in Q2 2019, according to provisional and adjusted number of business days, is as follows:

If interest rates return to pre-recession levels, then the consequences could be serious for the energy transition, as more expensive financing would cut new RES growth rates.

Με νέες εντολές προς τις τράπεζες συνεχίζεται η εξόφληση των τιμολογίων για παραγωγή Μαΐου 2019, οπότε και θα εξοφληθούν 280 πάρκα πληρωτέου ποσού έως 104.533,32 € (90% των εγκαταστάσεων με παραγωγή το μήνα Μάιο).

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